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Community Schools



Thank you for taking the Community Schools Survey! 

When asked, "what are the top 3 things you love about your school," families responded with the following quotes.

“Mi nieta está muy motivada por su progreso con su nueva maestra. Mi nieta nos motiva mucho para llegar temprano a su escuela. Mil gracias por todo el personal!”

-  5th grade family at Live Oak Elementary


“My kids love the school community and feels safe and engaged.”

- 4th grade family at Live Oak Elementary 

“We really love our daughter’s teacher! She is kind, caring, and supportive. Her classroom is welcoming and safe and her love for learning is contagious.”

- 3rd grade family at Del Mar Elementary


“We love the communication between the principal and our family.”

- 2nd grade family at Del Mar Elementary

“Helpful and welcoming staff, Teachers are very knowledgeable, and love the principal's sense of humor. Our daughter loves Shoreline.”

- 8th grade family at Shoreline Middle School


“Teachers are awesome, my daughter likes going to school and there are lots of after school activities such as sports and different clubs.”

- 6th grade family at Shoreline Middle School

“The principal Mrs. Dominguez and her staff. I am so impressed every morning I take my kids to school, and I wait for my son and daughter to enter their classrooms. I see her without fail every single morning engaging with as many children, faculty and parents as possible. The staff is amazing. There is not another school in any district I would feel more comfortable sending my children to for elementary education as well as a sense of belonging. Thank you Green Acres!”

- 5th grade family at Green Acres Elementary


“We have loved all the teachers our son has had over his 6 years at Green Acres. We also love the garden space, it is so unique for a school to have such an amazing garden. We have also generally just loved that our child has always wanted to go to school and enjoyed his time there.”

- 5th grade family Green Acres Elementary

“Ocean Alternative helps foster a love of learning. I feel very supported, and love the flexibility that our family has in tailoring the learning to our children’s needs. We also love the opportunities for field trips and gathering as a school for activities.”

- 4th grade family at Ocean Alternative 


“I love the sense of community fostered by out of class activities, excellent resources in teachers and in the resource library, and atmosphere of open communication.”

- 8th grade family at Ocean Alternative 


What is Community Schools?

Que es una Escuela Comunitaria?