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Health and Wellness

Live Oak School district’s counseling program recognizes that the social and emotional well-being of our students, families and staff are all crucial elements of a student’s academic success and lifelong health and wellness.  It’s purpose is to lead the district in student-centered efforts aligned with the Wellness Policy by providing equity-driven and appropriate mental health supports such as communication, consultation, counseling, and crisis response.  It monitors social, emotional, and mental wellness and identifies and addresses the unmet needs of students utilizing tiered interventions.  It decreases barriers to learning, allowing students to become effective learners, responsible citizens, and productive members of a global workforce.  In collaboration with educators, families and communities, the services delivered are effective, culturally appropriate, and responsive to the diverse, changing needs of students and their communities.  The counseling program fosters the academic, social, emotional and mental health of the "whole child".