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Community Care Team

Purpose and goals

The Community Care Team (CCT) was created as a two-way communication line to facilitate information sharing and collaboration between the Live Oak School District (LOSD) and the Santa Cruz Community Health Center (SCCHC). The purpose is to allow healthcare providers and educators to convene and develop unified care plans, share knowledge, and identify systems-level solutions. 

How it works

Appropriate candidates are LOSD students who are also members of SCCHC who are experiencing significant challenges and circumstances that interfere with their ability to access and meaningfully participate in their education. The challenges and circumstances must be of such magnitude that the student's success is at risk. 

The CCT will generally focus on individual improvements in specific progress measures, such as school attendance, school behavior, academic performance, family satisfaction, and clinic & school staff satisfaction, amongst other progress measures.

The referring staff member (teacher, counselor, specialist, principal, or other) will bring a potential student referral to the site administrator for discussion and determination. A conference is scheduled once the need is determined and parent consent is obtained. A follow-up conference allows the teams to track progress and reassess the student's needs. 


Please refer to the procedural flow chart for more information. 


Cindy Mendoza-Lopez

Mental Health Clinician

Leslie Telles

Director of Human Resources