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Live Oak School District (LOSD) understands that school attendance is a protective factor for students, and promotes student engagement, inclusion, and overall well-being. Additionally, investments in teaching and learning are maximized when students attend school on a regular basis. Therefore, PAUSD is committed to efforts that align with California law, including attendance notifications and communication to parents, and to using data to identify at-risk patterns in absenteeism and apply appropriate intervention strategies that build healthy habits around school attendance as early as possible. Board Policies and Administrative Regulations reflect California law (Ed Code) and are updated periodically to reflect best practices. A collective focus on attendance that includes schools, parents, and the community, contributes to all students being more successful academically, socially, and emotionally.

Procedures for Reporting Absences

If your child is absent:

Contact the school’s Attendance Specialist as soon as possible each day your child is absent. This is an Education Code requirement. Absences may be verified via the ParentSquare app, phone message, email, fax or written note. Verification information should include the student’s full name, grade, dates and reason for the absence.

If your child must leave early from school:

Please allow enough time for the Attendance Specialist to retrieve the message and notify the teacher. Students/parents MUST check out with the Attendance Specialist before leaving. School sites may have differing protocols, so please follow each site's specific requirements.

If your child is not feeling well during school:

Students are to request a pass from their teacher to go to the Health Office. Students are not to call a parent/guardian from the classroom as this is a cell phone violation.

Examples of excused absences:

Illness, medical appointments, court appearance, and school business including field trips and on-campus testing.

Examples of unexcused absences:

Vacations, oversleeping, car trouble, child care, and missing the bus.

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Additional Family and Student Resources