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About Preschool

In the Live Oak School District we believe that high-quality early education programs are essential to the academic and emotional growth of our littlest learners! All 3 preschool programs are STATE PRESCHOOLS. State preschools must adhere to numerous high quality standards. Our classroom environment, our S.E.E.D.S curriculum and our monthly Parent Education workshops as well as daily parent Involvement are all quality indicators of a State Preschool. We use a developmental assessment called "Desired Results" to assess each child's developmental progress. We meet with parents twice a year to share those results.
The seven desired results domains to which all CDE-funded child care and development programs are expected to contribute are:

DOMAIN 1: Self & Social Development
DOMAIN 2: Language & Literacy Development
DOMAIN 3: English Language Development
DOMAIN 4: Cognitive Development
DOMAIN 5: Mathematical Development
DOMAIN 6: Physical Development
DOMAIN 7: Health

There are 30 fundamental measures in total that the preschool use to observe and assess preschool students. The measures are specific to each domain.

Our Outstanding Staff

Our Preschool staff is made up of a team of Site Supervisors, Master Teachers, and Classroom Assistants. Each position title requires a specific level of education and experience working with young children in a classroom setting. In each classroom, the district staffs two full-time teachers and one part-time assistant. We feel very strongly that low teacher-child ratios are critical for the early years. Our teachers go through extensive training in the areas of Early Literacy, Health & Safety, Curriculum Development & Assessment, Principles of Working with Young Children, and Diversity in the Classroom.

Parent and Teacher Involvement

Family Involvement & Education

Our monthly meetings & workshops are an excellent opportunity for parents to meet with our staff and interact with other parents. Our district staff as well as presenters from the community facilitate the monthly meetings. Monthly parenting topics include: speech and language development, Positive Discipline, Socio-emotional stages, and an information night on Getting Ready for Kinder. Our monthly meetings are a unique opportunity for families and teachers to work together in supporting children's learning and development.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

Do you want to be involved? Meet new parents? The Live Oak Child Development Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is parents of preschool and after school families and teachers that meet every other month to provide input and help make program-wide decisions. This committee also plans fundraiser events throughout the year. Past fundraisers have included: movie nights, Santa Cruz Ironman Security Volunteering, and a pancake breakfast. The Committee will meet soon from 5:30-6:30 pm in the Child Development Office. We welcome your input and new ideas! Please call 462-1116 ext. 207 for more information.


WE ARE EXCITED that we have a NEW INCOME ELIGIBILITY INDEX! If you did not qualify in previous years, please call us because you MAY qualify under the new guidelines! The Live Oak School District-Child Development Program offers families a "High Quality" State-funded Preschool program at the Live Oak, and Del Mar and Green Acres Elementary School sites. We provide morning (8:30-11:30) and afternoon (12:30-3:30) preschool classes to approximately 100 children district-wide, 186 days per year. Summer preschool is also offered to those students who will be entering transitional kindergarten/ kindergarten in the fall.