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Buildings/Construction is responsible for all aspects of the Districts new construction, building modernizations and all contracted repairs and improvements.

Contact: Chip Odom
Phone 831-475-6095 ext 1
Fax 831-475-7163
The Transportation Department provides safe and timely transportation for the Districts Special Needs students. Our four drivers have over 60 years of experience in safely delivering students to programs through-out Santa Cruz County. We also provide transportation for field trips from Monterey to Davenport and all points in between. Working closely with District staff, surrounding school districts and parents, is a point of pride for the Transportation Department.

Phone 831-475-2895 ext 2
Fax 831-475-4895
Maintenance & Grounds
The Maintenance and Grounds department is responsible for the upkeep of the District's buildings and grounds. Staff works on a wide variety of equipment, fixtures and building types. Their primary goal is to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for students and staff.

Phone 831-475-6095 ext 1
Fax 831-475-7163