Board Subcommittee on Workforce Housing

On December 14, 2022, the LOSD Board of Trustees approved the creation of a Board Subcommittee on Workforce Housing.  The composition of the subcommittee consist of:
  • Superintendent
  • Two Board of Trustees
  • CSEA and LOETA representatives
  • Administrative representatives
  • Parents
  • Staff
  • Community Partners
Information about meetings below. 
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February 1 Meeting
At Green Acres
6:00 - 7:30 pm
Agenda and summary of notes

February 1, 2023 - Agenda and Note Summary


Summary of Notes:

Legislatures update about workforce housing

  • Partnership between developer, school district, and the community that oversees the development - potential JPA
  • Financing piece is critical - various funding sources will be needed
  • Bill AB 2295 takes effect January 1st 2024 
    • Tiered bill - First priority to district teachers, 2nd tier to local districts, 3rd tier to public government jobs,
    • Eases zoning issues  
  • Requires state housing commission to deliver notice to the county - should have been delivered yesterday.
  • If only the bonds pay for the development, the building can only be used by the district. It can’t be rented out to non-profits.
  • Include all staff in the workforce housing discussion and survey
  • Partnership with county is important
  • Goal activities and affinity groups

Bond timeline

  • Bond may be used to partially fund this project - AND - Bond is needed for other facilities work.
  • Next scheduled opportunity is for March or November 2024
    • March or November determined by which is best for positive result
    • General elections tend to have higher percentage of participation
  • Work on determining needs - project list based on the facility master plan
  • Conduct surveys - all staff of interest
  • Public information and polling of the community
  • Finalize capital and financing plan
  • 55% required for general obligation bonds -required safeguards
    • Election needs to occur on a regularly scheduled date
    • Bond oversight committee required
    • Maximum tax rate is up to $30/$100,000 assessed property value
    • District could raise approximately $44 million
  • May survey early - April 2023 - then board presentation


Goal work:


Coming soon