Staff Resources

We recognize educators are interacting with suffering as they shape and guide their students who have experienced trauma.  The students bring their stories with them every day which can have a real effect (vicarious trauma).  The levels of stress are exasperated as a result of the system issues, challenges, and effects due to Covid-19 and social injustice.  There is real grief caused by the continuing pandemic when we had hoped to have a return to a more typical year. 
On this page, you will find resources provided for LOSD's teacher's and staff
  • Mindfulness for Educators - SCCOE LINK
  • Social-Emotional Learning and Wellness LINK
  • Care Solace - a third party company to help connect staff, students and their families to community based care LINK
  • Beacon Employee Assistance Program for you or your family LINK
  • Happy Teacher Revolution - Please see events for PD LINK
  • Thriving YOUniversity LINK